50+ Educating YouTube Channel List You Should Checkout

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Occasionally, taking a short break from your work to stream YouTube videos is one of the means of staying sane during a tough day. If you are currently in the depth of an end-of-day break and desire some increase in mental energy, you are in luck.

We’ve searched YouTube for the best channels based on different categories. Hopefully, the videos in this article are enough to appease your daily fix of YouTube for a while.

Here is a list of YouTube channels based on different categories:

50+ Educating YouTube Channel List You Should Checkout

Top youtube educational channels
The King of Random – 10.4 Million+ Subscribers
Crash Course – 8.5 Million+ Subscribers
National Geographic – 9.7 Million+ Subscribers
Ted-Ed – 7.8 Million+ Subscribers
Matthew Santoro – 6.2 Million+ Subscribers
SciShow – 5.3 Million+ Subscribers
Alltime10s – 5.5 Million+ Subscribers
Veritasium – 5.0 Million+ Subscribers
Khan Academy – 4.4 Million+ Subscribers
#Mind Warehouse – 4.9 Million+ Subscribers

We hope that this compiled list of youtube channels would serve you better after a break from each day’s activities.

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